Monitoring Station 1-888-267-7858

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What happens if my system goes into alarm.

Our monitoring station will receive a signal and then reach out according to your call-out procedures.  They will try to reach each person on the list and if they do not get a hold of you then the police or appropriate service will be dispatched to assist you.


Who should I call if I set off my alarm by accident?

Call the monitoring station at 1-888-267-7858 and they will assist you.  They will reach out to you as well but it is best to be pro-active and avoid a false dispatch of police or fire services.  It also helps free up the station operators so they can concentrate on actual emergencies.

What if I need technical service?

We are here for you to help and if we can't resolve it on the phone then we will book a service appointment to fix the problem.  Call us at 780-863-8694 or 780-937-3804.  You are our priority.


What is ioT?

ioT simply stands for "Internet of Things" and refers to all the different devices and means by which systems and people are becoming connected with everything from smart home controls to autonomous cars.


Do I need an Alarm Permit?

This is actually decided by your municipality, but is likely the answer is yes.  Most counties and all major centers do require an alarm permit.  The forms can be picked up and dropped off with a cheque at any police station.  In Edmonton, you can also go to the police information check station at...

 108, 14315 118 Ave NW Unit 108, Edmonton, AB T5L 4S6

They will accept more forms of payment than at the police stations.

PDF Form: Edmonton Alarm Permit