Intrusion Protection

We all think it is not going to happen to us but the simple fact is that criminals seek easy targets because they are basically lazy.  Deterrence goes a long way and a security system will give those bad guys a reason to move along to the next target.  There is nothing quite like a screaming siren and knowing the police are on the way to get them running for the hills.

We support the DSC product line because it is a tried and true performer.  The DSC Power Series NEO line along with the IoTega panel both feature industry leading PowerG wireless product with up to 8 years battery life, bi-directional frequency hopping devices for un-hackable protection, and ease of installation.  We can however work with any product if you need service.

There are many ways to secure your home or business but the most common devices are.

  • Motion Detectors also known as PIR sensors (Passive Infra-Red).
  • Door & Window contacts.
  • Glassbreak sensors.
  • Garage Door contacts.
  • Flood and Sump Sensors.
  • Smoke Detectors.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors.

Most standard security systems also have a main control panel or brain, which is the smart part of the whole thing that holds all the programming, and also a keypad, which is your interface with the system.

These days a system can be an "All-In-One" where the main brain and keypad are a central piece like the DSC IoTega panel with several built in radios to handle everything from wi-fi to cellular communication.

All systems need to talk to the central monitoring station and this is done through either a standard POTS landline (Plain Old Telephone System), a cellular communicator (not your personal cell plan), or IP which is best as a secondary or backup communication due to the fact that there are often service interruptions on an internet communication.

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