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The DSC Neo Series is the latest in the time tested Power Series line.  It is a fully scalable hybrid panel (wireless or hardwire) capable of everything from residential and light retail to large commercial implementations.  It incorporates the industry leading PowerG wireless which has outstanding range, security, and battery life.  The Neo series is fully capable of running the Alarm.Com interactive platform making it a solid contender in the home automation sector as well.  The DSC Neo series is a fantastic choice to secure your home or business. PowerG wireless features. bi-directional frequency hopping.  This makes it virtually un-hackable

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Intrusion Protection

We all think it is not going to happen to us but the simple fact is that criminals seek easy targets because they are basically lazy.  Deterrence goes a long way and a security system will give those bad guys a reason to move along to the next target.  There is nothing quite like a screaming siren and knowing the police are on the way to get them running for the hills. We support the DSC product line because it is a tried and true performer.  The DSC Power Series NEO line along with the IoTega panel both feature industry

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DSC introduces the Iotega

DSC has introduced its' latest product offering, the Iotega panel.  It is a complete smart home solution with the ability to add all your z-wave and wi-fi automation devices like thermostats, lighting control, door locks, garage doors, and more.  It comes with a built in cellular communicator and even supports IP communication as a backup.  It is a completely wireless, table top design with a beautiful aesthetic and is simple to use.  You can wave your hand over the top to bring the "keypad" to life but all the main functions are right on your cell phone through the SecureNet

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